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Eligibility Criteria

Successful candidates will typically be Singaporean citizens or Permanent Residents aged between 16 to 18 in Secondary 4/5 or JC/Polytechnic Year 1 (or equivalent) at the time of application and demonstrate the following qualities:

  • Intellectual curiosity and good academic standing, which indicate an ability to cope with the rigorous IB programme
  • A generally high degree of self-awareness and emotional maturity
  • Generally independent-minded
  • Willingness to befriend and learn from people whose ideas, beliefs and cultural backgrounds may be very different to their own
  • The ability to actively participate in and to contribute to college life (relevant qualities include commitment to service, open-mindedness, enthusiasm, balance, adaptability, emotional resilience, etc.)
  • Clear articulation of one’s values and viewpoints
  • A track record of active and lived commitment to the UWC values and beliefs within the candidate's abilities and opportunities

UWC Values

  • International and intercultural understanding
  • Celebration of difference
  • Personal responsibility and integrity
  • Mutual responsibility and respect
  • Compassion and service
  • Respect for the environment
  • A sense of idealism
  • Personal challenge
  • Action and personal example