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What is the selections process like?

The number of selections rounds and the type of activities vary from year to year. There are typically three to four rounds of selections (including the submission of application forms) and the process includes interviews and any combination of other activities such as group discussions, community service activities and selection camps.

Since applications close before GCE 'O' Level examinations start, are applicants’ O-Level results considered as well or is it solely based on the preliminary results? What about students enrolled in an Integrated Programme (IP) school?

The end of year results or preliminary results are required for your application forms. However, we understand that some students do not receive them until much later. Hence, early applicants can simply submit application forms with the most recently available grades (e.g. mid year results or previous year's end of year results) The National Committee will contact applicants for their results when they are available.

For students taking the O-level examinations who make it to the final stages of the selection process, the committee will ask for your O-level grades as well as a follow up to your preliminary results. IP students who do not take the ‘O’ Levels may submit their most recent mid-year and final-term grades, which will be verified for the applicants who make it to the final stages of the selection process.

Why are these scholarships needs-based?

We offer need-based scholarships to allow as many students who meet our selection criteria to receive the financial support they need to attend UWC.

What does the need-based scholarship cover?

The need-based scholarship covers tuition fees, boarding, food and textbooks during term time.

School/college fees generally do not include travel to the respective location, pocket money, travel during holiday periods, etc. There may also be additional fees in the form of deposits, and also to cover visa/inoculation processes.

Is there a bond attached to the scholarship?

No, the scholarships are bond-free.

Will my financial situation affect the selection process?

Students are awarded places at a UWC school or college based purely on how well they meet our selection criteria. If they are successful, parents or guardians need to complete a financial assessment which is completely separate from the selection process.

How will you determine an applicant’s financial need?

In determining parental contributions, we consider factors such as family income, living expenses and dependencies. Overall, parents and students are expected to pay as much of the educational costs as they can reasonably afford.

In principle, we want to ensure that parents are not overburdened with costs that may not be planned for or within their capacity. Hence we have the needs assessment to support students based on their family's capability to contribute to their UWC education.

If the need-based scholarship covers part of my costs, when will my parents need to make the remaining payments?

The financial contribution for tuition to the Colleges will depend on each College. The National Committee will be able to assist you by informing you when the financial payments need to be made.

However, as a general approach for most Colleges, they will require the annual payment by the start of the School Term.

What currency are the school fees calculated in?

School fees are in the local currency of the individual UWC colleges or in US Dollars (USD), depending on which college you go to.

Is it possible to apply directly to the schools, instead of applying through the National Committee?

The UWC Global Selection Programme is an alternative application route for the IBDP years at UWC, designed for candidates who would like to apply 10-12 months before the beginning of the school year. A certain number of places has been allocated at 15 UWC schools and colleges and will be available to candidates selected through the UWC Global Selection Programme. These candidates are not eligible for scholarships and undertake to pay the full fee for the UWC school or college to which they are successful in applying. More information can be found on (How to Apply).

Is the IB recognised by universities?

The IB Diploma is a passport to higher education. Universities around the world welcome the unique characteristics of students with the IB Diploma. They recognise its combination of depth with breadth, its rigour, its emphasis on developing analytical thinking and critical skills and the way in which the programme helps to prepare students for higher education.

IB programme students routinely gain admission to some of the best-known universities in the world and most of these institutions have established recognition policies for the IB Diploma.‚Äč

More information on the IB Diploma Programme can be found here:

What are some of the Colleges that Singaporean scholars have been sent to?

The Singapore National Committee has previously sent students to UWC Adriatic (Italy), UWC Atlantic College (Wales), UWC Pearson College (Canada), UWC Red Cross Nordic (Norway), UWC Robert Bosch (Germany), UWC South East Asia (Singapore), UWC Changshu China, Mahindra UWC (India), UWC Costa Rica, UWC-USA and UWC Maastricht (The Netherlands).

The number and allocation of scholarships to individual colleges varies from year to year. 

Do I get to choose which college I go to if I am selected? Can I apply solely for scholarships to one or two colleges that I am particularly interested in?

The Committee does take an applicant's interest in particular colleges into consideration when matching successful candidates to scholarship places. We are unable to guarantee choice of a specific college to candidates during the selection process. 

If I am a Singaporean living overseas, can I still apply for the UWC scholarships?

Yes, you are still eligible to apply for the scholarships. However, you have to be physically present for the selections camp – absence will mean an automatic withdrawal from the scholarship application.

If I am a foreigner living in Singapore, can I still apply for the UWC scholarships through the National Committee of Singapore?

You must be a Singapore citizen or Permanent Resident (PR) to apply for the UWC Overseas Scholarships through the Singapore NC. Non-Singaporean citizens or PRs may apply for a UWC place through the Singapore National Committee with written permission from the National Committee of their home country in exceptional circumstances. However, we are unable to guarantee financial assistance for non-Singaporean citizens or PR applicants. Please email should you require further information.

At what age should I apply for the UWC Needs-Based Scholarship?

Applications open the year before you enter UWC i.e. you would apply in late 2023 for entry in Fall Semester (around August) 2024. Applicants for the UWC Singapore Needs-Based Scholarship 2024 should be 16 years old by the end of 2023 and no older than 18 years old.

This is in line with the age of students who go through Singapore’s public education system and apply for the scholarship in their Secondary 4/5 GCE O'Level Year (or equivalent) for entry to the UWC IB Diploma Programme the following year. 

I’m currently in my first year of an IB programme at another school. Can I just attend a UWC for the second year of the IB programme and graduate?

Students who are currently in their first year of the IB programme are welcome to apply. However, you must still attend a UWC for the full two years. We would like our students to gain the UWC experience in its totality, both in and out of the classroom. Please also note that transfer of credits is not available.

If I am shortlisted for the final stages, will I have to apply for a JC or pre-university institution while waiting for the UWC scholarships results?

Application to local Junior Colleges and pre-university institutions is strongly encouraged in the midst of the UWC scholarship application.