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Short Courses

UWC Short Courses give young adults the opportunity to experience intercultural exchange and the UWC education in a concentrated and smaller time frame.

UWC Short Courses are an integral part of the UWC movement. Like the UWC schools, they aim to make education a force to unite people, nations, and cultures for peace and a sustainable future. Short Courses mostly take place between May and September for a duration of two to four weeks. Short Courses are often designed and coordinated by teachers and alumni of UWC Colleges. These concentrated UWC programmes intend to reach students who otherwise would not be able to attend a UWC. They happen all around the world and often focus on social, political, economic or environmental problems of the place they are set in. In a group of 30-60 students, participants learn about the problem and work on making a change through community service, creative work and physical activity.

UWC Singapore does not select, provide financial assistance or otherwise coordinate the participation of Singaporean youth at a UWC Short Course.

However, we encourage interested students to inform themselves about available short courses and apply directly. Many short courses also provide need-based scholarships. They can be a great opportunity to experience UWC when a two-year programme abroad is not feasible.

You can find information on upcoming short courses, application, and financial assistance here: 

UWC Short Courses & Summer Programmes